We feel we must write to say that over the past couple of days we have received a number of very generous donations for which we are extremely grateful. We wish to send our sincere thanks to those of you who have donated, we really do appreciate your kindness and generosity.  We will also make mention of this in the December issue, but we promise not to embarass anyone by publishing names. So again, on behalf of the MM team, thank you all so very ...Read More

The CD was available from Monday as promised and we hope those who receive it are enjoying the way in which it is presented. We try very hard to ensure that we have a varied selection of 5 or 6 adult readers and that we are able to get the School Editors to read their own page for us. If you or someone you know would like to read for us then please contact the Editor and give him the details, we ...Read More

The November issue in PDF and Audio formats are downloadable from our Publications page as usual. The CD should be ready by Monday at the latest. Here is the latest Podcast copy [display_podcast] Please remember these are large files so may take a while to download (Nov08 approx 58MB) Read More

Hi All Issue 98 has now "hit the streets" - least ways I've delivered them to the deliverers, so it should be dropping through your letterboxes anytime soon. The audio file isn't quite ready yet but we'll let you know just as soon as the podcast and CD are available. Read More

The November issue has gone to print and we will hopefully see it back again by the end of this week. This is our 98th issue so just one more before we celebrate our centenary. To help us do so, we are asking for memories and pictures from Jan/Feb 2000 that we can use in the 100th issue in Feb09 (No issue in January). We can scan photos, or 35mm negatives and slides, so get digging in those boxes under the bed and ...Read More