I'm pleased to say all files have now been uploaded to the website for this month so here is the link to the latest podcast [display_podcast] It is hoped the CD will be distributed on Monday Read More

The best laid plans of mice and men have gone awry again, thanks to the left hand not conversing with the right, our beloved NHS have cancelled my op until at least June. Having rushed this issue to the printers, and regretfully not having had time to proof read it, there are quite a few mistakes, mainly from transfering typed documents via OCR to the computer, for which I personally apologise. If you have a copy with pages 9 & 20 upside ...Read More

It's that time of the month yet again !! The latest issue has gone off to the printers this morning and will hopefully be back by Thursday or Friday this week Distribution may be a bit hit and miss this month as I am off into hospital for an operation and I'm leaving the other team members to cope as best they can. Read More