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About MM

Published on Friday, March 7th, 2008

Minster Matters is a very informative village newsletter run entirely by a small team of volunteers and aimed at keeping the community of Minster-in-Thanet UK up to date with local news, events and village concerns.

Printed monthly, except for January, and consisting of 28 pages, at present, you’ll find everything that matters in the area from local interests and views, to services, useful numbers and contacts. With so much covered we’re sure you’ll enjoy the read!

Whilst the editorial team try very hard to uphold an unbiased and factual approach to reporting news, and covering, wherever possible, both sides of a story, we also provide the opportunity for readers to respond with their own thoughts, which we endeavour to print in the newsletter, subject of course to the usual editors approval and space being available.

The first issue of Minster Matters (hard copy) appeared at the beginning of 2000 due mainly to the efforts of the then Editor Kelvin Holdom. Kelvin built on his initial 4 pages until he moved to Devon in 2006 when it had grown 6 fold. June 2006 saw our first online edition available and the magazine is now regularly read in the far reaches of the globe. February 2008 saw us venturing into the realms of podcasting and producing a spoken version on CD, for those less fortunate than ourselves, who have problems with their sight.

Whilst Kelvin successfully produced the magazine with little or no help (except for his willing band of deliverers) for quite a number of years, slowly he coersed more and more volunteers onto the team, and as at launch date of this website we have a regular group of 8 volunteers who work tirelessly each month to get it to the printers on time, and another group of approximately 30 people who take it upon themselves to go out in all weathers to deliver hard copies to all properties in the village. Further to this we also have another small group who have put themselves forward as readers for our CD issue, but we are always interested in new people coming forward to help in anyway they can.

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